LMS Executive Secretary Fiona Nixon to retire

Fiona Nixon, the LMS Executive Secretary, has decided to take early retirement and will be leaving the Society on April 11th next year. Fiona has been with the Society for almost 10 years and has played a major role in enabling the Society to carry out its aims. This includes overseeing the activities at De Morgan House and making sure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. She works tirelessly to direct the staff in carrying out all the multitude of activities in which the LMS is now involved, and always takes time to interact with both our members and also colleagues in our sister societies. During her time in post, there has been considerable development and increase in the work of the LMS and Fiona has constantly been an energetic presence taking forward the wishes of Council and members. She will certainly be missed. The Society wishes her well in her future life.

The post will be advertised in early November and details of how to apply will be posted on this website.