Freeman J. Dyson (1923–2020)

It is with sadness that the London Mathematical Society (LMS) learned of the death of Freeman Dyson. Up until his death, Dyson was the longest-serving LMS Member, being elected to Membership in 1943 and becoming an Honorary Member in 2000.

Dyson was a brilliant mathematician and theoretical physicist, known for his highly important work in quantum electrodynamics, random matrix theory, and many other areas of mathematical physics.  He was distinguished and influential in many other areas of research as well.

He graduated from the University of Cambridge and in the early 1940s he became a scientist at RAF Bomber Command. His career eventually took him to the US, first to Cornell and then to the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton University where he spent the majority of this career.

Dyson’s ideas were not restricted to mathematics and physics and he presented many theories that could be considered ‘outside the envelope’.

He was awarded many honours during his illustrious career. This included being elected a Fellow of the Royals Society (FRS) in 1952.

A more detailed article on Dyson’s life and work is available here.