LMS statement regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The London Mathematical Society has issued the following advice relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus):


Where events that are funded by grants from the Society are cancelled because of the Coronavirus situation, LMS Grant-holders or event organisers should try:

  1. To re-book or re-schedule conferences and other events, if possible;
  2. To ask whether event venues would be prepared to waive cancellation fees as the event is being funded by a registered charity.
  3. If not, seek refunds from other sources, if possible;
  4. If not, the grant may be used to cover cancellation costs.

Also, grant holders are advised that:

  1. If an event is cancelled and the grant is used to cover cancellation costs, the grant holder should still provide a financial report on these cancellation costs.
  2. If the whole grant is used to cover cancellation costs, then there is no further funding available and the grant holder would need to re-apply for a new grant to support a new visit or conference.
  3. If part of the grant is used to cover cancellation costs and the grant-holder can/wishes to postpone the event/visit, the remainder of the grant could be used to support the re-scheduled event/visit.

The LMS recognises that many organisations will have their own policies in place, which may vary from our own and each other. The Society is willing to take a pragmatic approach, within the constraints of charity law.


The Society respects the restrictions placed by employers on their staff. Volunteers who are due to attend Society Committee meetings but who are unable to attend because of the situation regarding Coronavirus should contact their Committee’s Secretariat as soon as possible. The Society is currently testing a number of software packages, so that as many meetings as practicable can take place remotely during the current situation.