Mathematical scientists display their research in Parliament

Early career mathematicians took part in the annual STEM for BRITAIN competition for the fifth time on Monday 12 March. Thirty posters presenting research in the Mathematical Sciences were presented at Parliament to politicians and a panel of expert judges, who awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes to the top three exhibitors.

Dr Celine Maistret of the University of Bristol was awarded Gold for her research into the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, one of the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) Millennium problems.

Silver was awarded to Ms Linda Irons of the University of Nottingham, for her poster presenting the mathematical modelling of cell adhesion in asthma.

The recipient of the Bronze award was Dr Yoann Altmann of Herriot-Watt University, for his research into new computational methods for low illumination imaging and sensing.

The Gold and Silver prizes (including £2000 and £1250 respectively) were sponsored by the CMI, and the Bronze prize (£750) was sponsored by the Heilbronn Institute of Mathematical Research. More information on STEM for BRITAIN can be found here.

Medallists from the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Exhibition, STEM For BRITAIN 2018 (Credit: John Deehan Photography Ltd)