LMS Continues to Support MathsJax

The London Mathematical Society is delighted to announce that it will continue to support the MathsJax project. The core of the project is developing a state of the art JavaScript platform for displaying mathematics notation. 

MathsJax has continued to develop and update the platform and in 2019 released MathsJax 3.0, which was a complete rewrite of MathsJax. The rewrite was intended to bring MathJax's codebase into alignment with modern practices and expectations, with an emphasis on speed, flexibility, support for assistive technology, and ease of use on a server as well as in browsers.  

Caroline Wallace, Executive Secretary, LMS, commented; ‘The London Mathematical Society ensures that MathJax is used for rendering browser-friendly mathematics in its journals. Provision of full-text HTML along with the PDF is now the publishing standard. MathJax provides a particularly simple means of rendering mathematics in HTML because of its ability to display embedded LaTeX equations. The LMS is proud to support the continued development and enhancement of MathJax to ensure that it remains up to date, versatile, and continues to offer fluid rendering of mathematical web pages'. 

More information about MathsJax is available here.