International Day of Mathematics

After much work and effort on the part of the organisers, especially Christiane Rousseau, Chair of the IDM Governing Board, a vote is to be taken at the  40th General Conference of UNESCO (November 12-27 2019)   to proclaim the International Day of Mathematics on March 14th (pi day) every year.

Please do visit the website here. A media page will very soon be online with logos in different languages and material for announcing IDM. You are encouraged to you to use this material to spread the news in your community. 

A world map is being prepared which will appear on the website with dots where celebrations of IDM2020 are to take place. The intention is to have some celebrations around the world pre-announced  on the map when it appears. If you are aware of anyone planning anything, please do  consider posting put a pre-announcement.  The organisers can be contacted at At a later stage, a form for making announcements will be available on the website.