2018 LMS Prize Winners

The 2018 LMS Prize winners were announced at the Society Meeting on Friday 29 June 2018. The LMS extends its congratulations to this year’s prize winners and for their continued contributions to mathematics.

PROFESSOR KAREN VOGTMANN of Warwick University is awarded the POLYA PRIZE for her profound and pioneering work in Geometric Group Theory, particularly the study of automorphism groups of free groups.

PROFESSOR FRANCESCO MEZZADRI of the University of Bristol iis awarded a FRÖHLICH PRIZE for his profound and wide-ranging contributions to random matrix theory and its applications.

PROFESSOR DR MARC LEVINE of the University of Duisburg-Essen is awarded a SENIOR BERWICK PRIZE in recognition of his paper: “A comparison of motivic and classical stable homotopy theories”, J. Topol. 7 (2014), no.2, 327–362.

PROFESSOR CAUCHER BIRKAR of Cambridge University is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE in recognition of his outstanding research in higher dimensional algebraic geometry, most prominently his recent groundbreaking finiteness results on Fano varieties and Mori fibre spaces.

DR ANA CARAIANI of Imperial College London is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for her important contributions to the Langlands programme.

DR HEATHER HARRINGTON of the University of Oxford is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for her outstanding contributions to mathematical biology which have generated new biological insights using novel applications of topological and algebraic techniques.

PROFESSOR VALERIO LUCARINI of the University of Reading is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for his work applying the ideas and methods of statistical physics to the theory and modelling of climate dynamics, and for his leadership in the field of mathematics applied to climate science.

DR FILIP RINDLER of the University of Warwick is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for his solutions to fundamental problems on the border between the theory of partial differential equations, calculus of variations and geometric measure theory.

DR PÉTER VARJÚ of the University of Cambridge is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for his deep and groundbreaking contributions to analysis and probability on algebraic structures.

PROFESSOR JEREMY GRAY of the Open University and the University of Warwick is awarded the HIRST PRIZE and will be invited to give the associated HIRST LECTURESHIP for his research and books on the history of mathematics, especially differential equations and geometry in and around the nineteenth century.

DR LOTTE HOLLANDS of Heriot-Watt University is awarded an ANNE BENNETT PRIZE in recognition of her outstanding research at the interface between quantum theory and geometry and of her leadership in mathematical outreach activities.