Louis Bachelier Prize Winner 2024

The Prize Committee has recommended to award the 2024 Louis Bachelier Prize to Professor Peter Tankov.

Peter Tankov is a mathematician with expertise in applied probability and stochastic modelling. He is currently Professor of Quantitative Finance at ENSAE - Institut Polytechnique de Paris (France).

Tankov’s research contributions in applied probability, computational finance and mathematical modelling in finance, have been influential both in academia and among market practitioners and regulators. His research has spanned a broad set of topics, including

•    Levy processes and their applications in financial modelling
•    Development and analysis of advanced computational methods in finance
•    Optimal control methods and stochastic differential games in finance
•    Mathematical modelling and risk management in electricity markets
•    Green finance, climate risk and sustainable finance.

In particular, Tankov is internationally recognised as a leading academic researcher on green finance, renewable energy markets and the impact of climate risk on financial risk management. His work in these areas, in collaboration with leading climate scientists, economists and regulators has had significant impact on research and policy.

Peter Tankov’s research is an excellent example of the relevance of rigorous mathematical and statistical modelling for applications in risk management and market regulation.

The Louis Bachelier Prize is a biennial prize jointly awarded by the LMS, the Natixis Foundation for Research and Innovation and the Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (SMAI). The winners are prominent personalities, widely recognized in the academic and professional worlds of quantitative finance and/or risk management.

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