The Parliamentary & Scientific Committee’s STEM for BRITAIN 2023 took place in the Houses of Parliament on Monday 6th March, during British Science Week. Applications were invited from early-career research scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians for the opportunity to exhibit posters in one of five research areas. The LMS extends its congratulations to the winners in the mathematical sciences category: 

  • Gold: Arkedy Wey (University of Oxford; A Multiscale Mathematical Model For Filtration)
  • Silver: Jennifer Power (University of Bath; Making Cancer Treatments Safer With Mathematics)
  • Bronze: Christopher Hickey (Arup; Seismic Simulations: Implementing And Improving A New Dynamic Structural Analysis) 

LMS President Ulrike Tillmann, speaking on on behalf of the Council for the Mathematical Sciences as she awarded the medals, said: “The physicist Eugene Wigner famously commented on the ‘unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics’. So when we are looking for new and powerful ideas in the new fields of data science, and we are faced with difficult problems in medicine, national security, and artificial intelligence it is more than likely that the mathematical sciences will be a fundamental part of the solution.”

Read more about this and the other STEM for Britain poster winners here.

Last updated: 13 March 2023