News for US Taxpayers

The LMS is delighted to announce that it has recently become possible for US taxpayers to make tax-deductible donations to the LMS. Previously such an option has not been available, and this may have been an issue for people wishing to make donations in the past. There are about 175 LMS members living in the US and the arrangements also apply to US taxpayers living elsewhere.

The scheme works as follows. The LMS has recently been approved as an institutional member of the American non-profit organisation the British Schools & Universities Foundation (BSUF). The sole purpose of BSUF is to allow tax-deductible donations from US donors to be made to British educational and cultural institutions. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the LMS through this means donates the money to BSUF, designating the LMS as their preferred institution and BSUF will then forward the donation to the LMS. Donations can be made electronically via the Donate button on the BSUF website, or cheques can be sent to the New York office of BSUF. See here for full details.

The LMS is always grateful for donations small or large. For other ways to give to the LMS please see here