2021 David Crighton Medal Winner

The LMS and Institute of Mathematics and its Applications are delighted to announce that the 2021 David Crighton Medal is awarded to Professor Caroline Series, of the University of Warwick. This is in recognition of her fundamental and beautiful results connecting geometry and dynamical systems, and her outstanding service to the mathematical community, including her pioneering work to support the careers of women in mathematics.

Professor Series' early work involved coding the dynamics of geodesic flows on surfaces, developing techniques of Rufus Bowen, and led to an invitation to speak at the ICM in 1986. There is now a substantial body of work, carried out by groups around the world, that can be traced back to the theory and connection between areas that was established by Series in this early work.

Subsequently, Series' interests moved to Kleinian groups, and she made major contributions to the study of spaces of certain parametrised families of groups, such as the Maskit slice, the Riley slice and other higher dimensional examples. She showed how the geometry of the group action, and in particular beautiful patterns in its limit set, vary as one moves through the parameter space. Her work has been recognised by numerous awards throughout her career and, in 2016, she was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Alongside her research, Professor Series has provided outstanding service to the mathematical community on numerous committees and panels both nationally and internationally. She served as President of the LMS from 2017 to 2019, having earlier served the Society in numerous ways. Of particular note is the impact of her work to improve gender equality, where she has continually acted as an initiator of new activities at an international level. 

See the full citation for Professor Series here.