Siaw-Lynn Ng

Portrait: Ng
Current Workplace
Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London
Current Role
Senior Lecturer
My Mathematics Success Story is...

I started my mathematics degree in Adelaide University in South Australia and went on to a PhD in mathematics at Royal Holloway, University of London.  Since then my research and teaching has been in the area of information security and combinatorics.  Problems in information and communication security can often be translated to problems in discrete maths, which may in turn give results or new ideas in the original field, or may lead to unexpected areas.  For example, what started off as an interest in secret sharing schemes led to research in anonymous authenticated announcements schemes in vehicular networks, and secure communications in swarm robotics.  And what started off as a look at repair codes in distributed storage systems led to interesting objects in finite projective geometry.  These sometimes unexpected directions and collaborations are what I enjoy most in my job.  I have been working part-time since my first child was born, and while I sometimes work more than the 3 days a week, I usually enjoy a good work-life balance. 

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