LMS Editorial Board

  The Bulletin and Journal of the London Mathematical Society share an Editorial Board.

  • The Bulletin publishes shorter research articles  (20 pages and below) 
  • The Journal publishes longer research articles (18 pages and above)

Papers should be submitted to the London Mathematical Society, naming the most appropriate member of the Editorial Board to whom the paper should be forwarded. Please note papers may be reassigned to a different Board Member during the review process. 


    Editor's name

    Specialist Area

    G Arone Homotopy theory and algebraic topology
    J Bagaria Set theory
    A Bartels K-theory and geometric topology 
    M Bate Algebraic groups, representation theory, and geometric invariant theory
    A Bayer Algebraic Geometry
    J A Carrillo Nonlinear PDEs, numerical analysis of PDEs, and calculus of variations
    P Cascini Algebraic Geometry
    G-Q G Chen  Nonlinear PDEs and nonlinear analysis
    X W Chen Representation theory and homological algebra
    D Conlon Combinatorics
    B Davison Representation theory and algebraic geometry
    F Diamond Automorphic forms and Galois representations
    C W Eaton Finite groups and representation theory
    B Eick Computational algebra
    J Fernández de Bobadilla Singularity theory and algebraic geometry
    J Fine Differential geometry, geometric analysis, global analysis
    A Fink Algebraic combinatorics
    J Fintzen Representation theory and the Langlands correspondence
    T A Fisher Computational number theory
    K Ford Analytic number theory
    H Geiges Symplectic and contact topology
    C Geiss Algebra and representation theory
    S B Iyengar Commutative algebra
    A Juhász Geometric topology
    A-S Kaloghiros

    Algebraic geometry, birational geometry

    D Kielak Geometric group theory
    J Kirby Logic and connections with algebra, geometry and number theory
    G E Knese Operator theory and complex analysis 
    D Kráľ Combinatorics
    T Lamm Calculus of variations, geometric analysis and PDEs
    N S Larsen Operator algebras and free probability theory
    A D Lauda Representation theory and quantum topology
    O Maleva Functional analysis, Banach spaces and geometric measure theory
    H Markwig Tropical geometry, polyhedral geometry and toric geometry
    M Marletta Ordinary and partial differential equations 
    G Martin Complex analysis and complex dynamics
    M Mirek Discrete and Fourier Analysis, and Ergodic Theory
    M Musso Nonlinear analysis and PDEs
    P D Nelson Analytic number theory, automorphic forms and representation theory
    J Pridham Derived algebraic geometry and homotopical algebra
    S M Rees Complex dynamics and dynamics
    J A Ross Algebraic and differential geometry
    R Schiffler Representation theory and combinatorics
    F Schulze Differential geometry, geometric analysis and PDEs
    A N Skorobogatov Arithmetic geometry
    I A B Strachan Integrable systems and mathematical physics
    J A Thorne Automorphic forms and arithmetic statistics
    M Todd Ergodic theory and dynamical systems
    C Tretter PDEs and spectral theory
    A G Turner Probability and stochastic analysis
    P Varjú Discrete analysis, random walks and fractal geometry
    B D Wick Harmonic analysis, operator theory, and function theory
    H J R Wilton Geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology 
    T Yang Nonlinear PDEs and kinetic theory
    R Zhang Harmonic Analysis
    W Zwonek Complex analysis and pluripotential theory 
    N Zygouras Probability theory