Latest papers in the Transactions

The latest papers published in the Transactions include:

Models for the 𝑛‐Swiss Cheese operads
Thomas Willwacher

The first moment of primes in arithmetic progressions: beyond the Siegel–Walfisz range
Sary Drappeau Daniel Fiorilli

A classification of isogeny‐torsion graphs of ℚ‐isogeny classes of elliptic curves Garen
Chiloyan Álvaro Lozano‐Robledo

Curve graphs for Artin–Tits groups of type 𝐵, 𝐴∼ and 𝐶∼ are hyperbolic
Matthieu Calvez Bruno A. Cisneros de la Cruz

Completions of discrete cluster categories of type 𝔸
Charles Paquette Emine Yıldırım

L‐space surgeries on 2‐component L‐space links
Beibei Liu


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