2019 Compositio Prize

The prize for the period 2017-2019 has been awarded to two papers

Daniel Huybrechts: The K3 category of a cubic fourfold.
Compositio Mathematica 153 (2017), pp 586-620.

Colin J. Bushnell and Guy Henniart: Local Langlands correspondence and ramification for Carayol representations.
Compositio Mathematica 155 (2019), pp 1959–2038.

The Compositio Prize is a prize awarded every third year by the Foundation Compositio Mathematica in recognition of an outstanding piece of mathematical research that is published in the Compositio Mathematica journal. Previous prizewinners are listed here: https://compositio.nl/#prize

Cover of Compositio MathematicaCompositio Mathematica is a prestigious, well-established journal publishing first-class research papers that traditionally focus on the mainstream of pure mathematics. Compositio Mathematica has a broad scope which includes the fields of algebra, number theory, topology, algebraic and differential geometry and global analysis. Papers on other topics are welcome if they are of broad interest. All contributions are required to meet high standards of quality and originality. The Journal has an international editorial board reflected in the journal content.

Compositio is owned and published by non-profit organisations (the Foundation Compositio Mathematica and the London Mathematical Society) that use any surplus income from the journal to sponsor mathematics and mathematical research.