Mathematika Editorial Board



Victor Beresnevich
University of York

Number Theory, Diophantine Approximation


William Chen
Macquarie University Sydney

  Number Theory, Uniform Distribution, Discrepancy Theory
Alex Sobolev
University College London
  Analysis, Spectral Theory, PDEs


Keith Ball, FRS
University of Warwick
  Discrete Geometry, Functional Analysis, Information Theory
Imre Bárány
University College London
  Convex Geometry with Applications
Jonathan Bennett
University of Birmingham
  Classical Harmonic Analysis
Régis de la Bretèche
Université Paris Diderot
  Analytic and Probabilistic Number Theory, Diophantine Geometry

Jeffrey Galkowski
University College London 


  Microlocal Analysis, Spectral and Scattering Theory
Aimo Hinkkanen
University of Illinois
  Complex analysis, complex dynamics, quasiconformal geometry

Konstantin Khanin
University of Toronto


Dynamical Systems, Ergodic Theory, Mathematical Physics
Imre Leader
University of Cambridge
  Combinatorics, Graphs
Adrian Lewis
Cornell University
  Variational Analysis, Optimisation

David Loeffler
University of Warwick

  Algebraic Number Theory, Automorphic Forms

Kaisa Matomäki
Univerity of Turku


  Analytic number theory 
Svitlana Mayboroda
University of Minnesota
  Harmonic Analysis, Linear PDEs, Geometric Measure Theory
Alexander Movchan
University of Liverpool
  Mathematical Methods of Solids, Boundary Value Problems

Tom Sanders
University of Oxford


  Analysis, Combinatorics

Frank Smith, FRS
University College London


  Industrial and Biomedical Modelling
Kannan Soundararajan
Stanford University
  Number Theory
Sarah Zerbes
University College London
  Algebraic Number Theory, Iwasawa Theory, p-adic Hodge Theory