Mathematika Editorial Board

Keith Ball, FRS
University of Warwick
  Discrete Geometry, Functional Analysis, Information Theory
Imre Bárány
University College London
  Convex Geometry with Applications
Jonathan Bennett
University of Birmingham
  Classical Harmonic Analysis
William Chen
Macquarie University Sydney
  Number Theory, Uniform Distribution, Discrepancy Theory
Timothy Gowers, FRS
University of Cambridge
  Analysis, Combinatorics
Andrew Granville
(Currently on temporary leave)
Université de Montréal and University College London
  Please direct new submissions in Number Theory to William Chen, Kannan Soundararajan or Robert Vaughan.
Francis Johnson
University College London
  Algebra, Geometric Group Theory and Topology
Minhyong Kim
University of Oxford and Ewha Womans University
  Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Imre Leader
University of Cambridge
  Combinatorics, Graphs
Alexander Movchan
University of Liverpool
  Mathematical Methods of Solids, Boundary Value Problems
Assaf Naor
Princeton University
  Analysis, Geometry
Frank Smith, FRS
University College London
  Industrial and Biomedical Modelling
Alex Sobolev (Managing Editor)
University College London
  Analysis, Spectral Theory, PDEs
Kannan Soundararajan
Stanford University
  Number Theory
Robert Vaughan, FRS
Pennsylvania State University
  Analytic Number Theory