New Editorial Board for Transactions

The Transactions now has a new, separate editorial board. It continues to welcome papers of a general or specialised nature that represent a significant advance in mathematical knowledge, as well as submissions that are deemed to stimulate new interest and research activity. The journal is fully open access and compliant with an increasing number of funding mandates

Managing Editor: José Rodrigo

Amin Coja-Oghlan
Charles Fefferman
Alessio Figalli
Jelena Grbić
Martin Hairer
Heather Harrington*
John King


Jessica S. Purcell
Carola Schönlieb
Sebastian van Strien
Marcelo Viana
Juncheng Wei
Sarah Zerbes*

*not currently handling submission

Papers submitted to the Transactions prior to 1 March 2021 will continue to be handled by the existing Board and decisions for acceptance will be held against the same criteria that were in place at the time of submission. The current joint Editorial Board of the LMS journals will continue to receive new submissions for the Bulletin and the Journal.



Transactions is a fully open access journal supported by article processing charges (APCs). An increasing number of authors now have access to funds to fully cover article processing charges (APCs) through agreements made between their institution or funding agency and Wiley.

This includes many researchers based in:

Austria (more details) Finland (more details) Germany (more details) Hungary (more details), Norway (more details) Sweden (more details)  UK (more details)

(A complete list of funders and institutions which offer support for APCs can be found on Wiley’s website)

These charges support the cost of managing and publishing the Transactions, with surplus income from all of the Society’s publications used in support of mathematicians and mathematics research. It is however the Society’s intention that no author be turned away owing to funding constraints, those without access to institutional support having their article costs met through alternative means. 


    Models for the 𝑛‐Swiss Cheese operads
    Thomas Willwacher

    The first moment of primes in arithmetic progressions: beyond the Siegel–Walfisz range
    Sary Drappeau Daniel Fiorilli

    A classification of isogeny‐torsion graphs of ℚ‐isogeny classes of elliptic curves Garen
    Chiloyan Álvaro Lozano‐Robledo

    Curve graphs for Artin–Tits groups of type 𝐵, 𝐴∼ and 𝐶∼ are hyperbolic
    Matthieu Calvez Bruno A. Cisneros de la Cruz

    Completions of discrete cluster categories of type 𝔸
    Charles Paquette Emine Yıldırım

    L‐space surgeries on 2‐component L‐space links
    Beibei Liu