LMS Newsletter Editorial Board


Alina Vdovina (Newcastle University)

Editorial Board

June Barrow-Green (Open University)
David Chillingworth (University of Southampton)
Jessica Enright (University of Glasgow)
Jonathan Fraser (University of St Andrews)
Cathy Hobbs (UWE)
Stephen Huggett
Adam Johansen (University of Warwick)
Rosanna Laking (University of Verona)
Thomas Kempton (University of Manchester)
Niall MacKay (University of York)
Holly Middleton-Spencer (Newcastle University)
Susan Oakes (London Mathematical Society)
Mike Whittaker (University of Glasgow)
Andrew Wilson (University of Glasgow)
General Secretary (Robb McDonald, UCL)

Editorial Office

London Mathematical Society
De Morgan House
57-58 Russell Square
London WC1B 4HS
T: 020 7637 3686
E: newsletter@lms.ac.uk

Terms of reference

Download the full terms of reference for the LMS Newsletter Editorial Board here.

The Newsletter is typeset at De Morgan House by Katherine Wright (Society Business, Research and Communications Officer, katherine.wright@lms.ac.uk), and printed by Holbrooks Printers Ltd.