Proceedings Editorial Board

Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society:  Editorial Board Members

Authors should submit to the most appropriate member of the Editorial Board to handle their paper. 


Editor's name Affilitation Specialist Area
Nalini Anantharaman CNRS, France Analysis, mathematical physics

Timothy Browning

IST Austria, Austria Number theory
Hélène Esnault Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Arithmetic geometry, number theory
Bryna Kra  Northwestern University, USA Dynamical systems, ergodic theory
Vladimir Marković University of Oxford, UK Geometry 
James McKernan University of California San Diego, USA Algebraic geometry
Manuel del Pino  University of Bath, UK Analysis
Oscar Randal-Williams  University of Cambridge, UK Topology 
Raphaël Rouquier  University of California Los Angeles, USA Algebra, representation theory
Scott Sheffield  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Probability 
Daniel T. Wise  McGill University, Canada Geometric group theory