Diversity in Mathematics Events

The Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics annually invites individuals or groups to express interest in organising a Diversity in Mathematics event. Diversity in Mathematics events support aspects of diversity beyond gender. Grants up to a maximum of £500 each will be awarded to support these days. Generally, two Diversity in Mathematics Days are held each year.

Each event is expected to focus on some aspect of diversity in the mathematical sciences. The event is expected to feature both the work of people in the mathematical sciences, whether in industry or academia, who come from that diversity group, and also offer opportunities for mathematicians from that diversity group to receive mentoring and networking opportunities.   

Applicants typically come from a university or from a school, although any qualified person may apply. If the event is to be held in a school, it should encourage students from diverse backgrounds to become more involved in mathematics. The event should be aimed at school students up to and including A-level or equivalent.

The call for expressions of interest in hosting a Diversity in Mathematics event in academic year 2023/24 will be released in September 2023.