Policy & Consultations

The LMS contributes to public debate on matters affecting mathematics and mathematics education.  It promotes mathematical research and its benefits to decision-makers, policy advisers, funders and the users of mathematics.  It does this in a number of ways through position statements outlining Society policy, responses to Government or other high level consultations, links to other bodies involved in policy issues and representing the views of Society members within the mathematical sciences community. The Society is also active in policy matters through membership of the Council for the Mathematical Sciences 

Full details of policy and submissions made by the LMS can be found via the link on the left.  Highlights of current and recent activities are given below.

Current Activity

Impact in the Mathematical Sciences in REF2014
The Research Policy Committee has prepared a discussion document to encourage input from the mathematical community regarding examples of 'Impact' in mathematics to assist those struggling with this element of their REF submission.

A blog has been set up for those interesting in contributing and comments can also be emailed to lmspolicy@lms.ac.uk.

Recent Activity

Open Access: How it affects UK mathematical science researchers
The Research Policy Committee has prepared a note to explain what `Open Access Publishing’ is, and how and why it will affect UK researchers. The key definitions concerning Open Access are set out in the note. The urgency of this issue for UK researchers is generated in part by recent policy developments from the UK Research Councils (RCUK): these changes require that all peer-reviewed publications which acknowledge RCUK support and which are submitted for publication on or after 1 April 2013 should be freely available through one of the standard Open Access routes. Following on from these developments, the Committee has written this note bearing in mind the needs of the individual researcher trying to find an appropriate home for her or his latest article.

Science and Technology Committee Inquiry on Peer Review
The Committee is conducting an inquiry into peer review and has been inviting evidence on the operation and effectiveness of the peer review process used to examine and validate scientific results and papers prior to publication.

Education White Paper

Review of National Curriculum

Use of ICT in teaching of mathematics at HE institutions

International Review of Mathematical Sciences

The draft report of the IRM 2010 Review Panel was presented at the EPSRC Town Meeting on 28 January 2011.

Research Policy Statements
Research Policy Committee papers have been produced for the International Review of Mathematics 2010.  The committee will be working on further statements about how research policy affects mathematics and will seek the views of LMS members.