LMS Election Results 2013

The results of the elections were announced at the LMS Annual General Meeting on 15th November 2013 and the results are listed below.



President: Terry Lyons

Vice Presidents: Ken Brown and John Greenlees

General Secretary: Stephen Huggett

Treasurer: Robert Curtis

Publications Secretary: John Hunton

Programme Secretary: Robert Wilson

Education Secretary: Alice Rogers



June Barrow-Green (Member-at-Large (Librarian))

Francis W. Clarke

David Evans

Elizabeth L. Mansfield

Gwyneth Stallard

Iain A. Stewart

[The list is alphabetical]


The continuing members of Council are: Cathy Hobbs, Colva Roney-Dougal, Beatrice Pelloni, Michael Singer, Ulrike Tillmann and Alexander Veselov.


Nominating Committee

Martin Bridson

Paul Glendinning


The continuing members of the Nominating Committee are: Penny Davies (Chair), Keith Ball, Frances Kirwan, Michael Prest and David Tranah.  Council will also appoint a representative.