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I came from a secondary school with a bad reputation for poor behaviour and low academic success. Many students like me did not see the importance of or take an interest in education, especially not mathematics. I got caught up in a lot of negative things, pursuing a lifestyle that definitely was not beneficial for me at the time. Despite my beginnings, I went on a journey to discover a passion and interest for mathematics, which led me to study the subject up to masters degree level. This passion began through one teacher and a visit to Cambridge University, which allowed me to see both mathematics, and life in general, beyond my horizons. I was invited to attend a residential trip to Cambridge through the Nrich programme, based upon a gifted and talented scheme run in my school. Although at this time I had not fully realised the value or importance of mathematics, and the effect that it would later have on me, I was still able to maintain good grades in my end of year exams, allowing me to be considered for the programme. This experience began my interest and appreciation of maths. I was initially intrigued by the nature of mathematics that was revealed to me, as it was full of topics that I had not come across before. We were introduced to things beyond what had been shown to us thus far through the curriculum, allowing us to explore various puzzles and problems, and the wider applications of mathematics. I became very curious and wanted to complete the challenges that were laid before me. This curiosity provoked me to want to further develop my knowledge in maths upon completing the programme. Throughout my GCSEs, I had an amazing maths teacher. He was extremely passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about the subject. This inspired me to want to learn more of its depths, take on and persevere throughout its challenges, and further explore the subject on a whole. He inspired me to enjoy maths through making it both challenging and enriching for me, and always left me wanting to know more. Not only did this teacher teach me, but he helped me a lot through my personal circumstances, and I grew great respect for him. Through this I gained and developed a passion for mathematics. I chose to study relentlessly for my GCSEs to learn as much as I could within the subject, and see how well I could do in the end of year exams. This then paid off as I gained the highest mathematics grade in my school. My passion for mathematics continued to grow from this point, leading me to choose both mathematics and further mathematics as A-level subjects. I was still not satisfied with what I had seen and learnt so far, and knew there was more to the mathematical story than what I had been exposed to. I wanted to explore mathematics beyond the scope of secondary school and sixth form. This interest led me to later complete an undergraduate master’s degree at Loughborough University, achieving a first class honours in my studies. Growing up I did not even consider attending University, let alone gaining a masters degree. Mathematics provided me with an interest, passion and stable focus, especially at a time where there were many competing lifestyles and options which were presented to me at a vulnerable period in my life. Having completed my university studies, I am open to see where maths will take me, as I do not want it to stop here. I still want to learn more about mathematics and develop upon the skills that I have learnt thus far. My main aim is to see how I can apply maths to real life situations in a given career, as well as use my abilities and opportunities to help inspire and engage young people in my area and community. Whether this is through teaching, tutoring, or mentoring whilst working in a finance industry, I will always be grateful for the opportunities that studying maths has given me, and feel a sense of responsibility to use these opportunities for the benefit of those around me.

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