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This calendar lists Society meetings and other mathematics events publicised in the LMS Newsletter.

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8–10 British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference 2020, University of Leeds
15 South West & South Wales Regional Meeting, University of Bristol
20–23 Cohomology and Mackey Functors for Profinite Groups, Royal Holloway, University of London
10 Elmer Rees Memorial Meeting, University of Bristol
27 Black Role Models in STEM, UCL
MARCH 2020
8–10 British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference 2020, University of Leeds
11–13 Topics in Category Theory: A Spring School, ICMS, Edinburgh
16–20 Interactions Between Group Theory, Number Theory, Combinatorics and Geometry, INI, Cambridge
23 LMS-IMA David Crighton Award Lecture and Medal Presentation 2020
23–27 Algebraic K-Theory, Motive Cohomology and Motivic Homotopy Theory, INI, Cambridge

6th IMA Conference on Mathematics in Defence and Security: Mathematics Adapting to a Changing World, Imperial college London

30–1 April New Perspectives on SYZ Mirror Symmetry, Imperial College London
30–3 April LMS Invited Lecture 2020, Brunel University, London
30–3 April UK Easter Probability Meeting, University of Manchester 
30–3 April Arithmetic Geometry, Cycles, Hodge Theory, Rgulators, Periods and Heights, INI, Cambridge

APRIL 2020

1–3 UKACM 2020 Conference, Loughborough University
6–9 Joint BMC/BAMC Meeting, University of Glasgow
8 Society Meeting, Joint BMC/BAMC Meeting, University of Glasgow
19–25 Graph Packing, LMS research School, Eastbourne
 MAY 2020
5–7 Swinnerton-Dyer Memorial, INI, Cambridge
11–15 Methods for randon Matix Theory and Applications, LMS Research School, University of Reading
18–20 Counting Conjectures and Beyond, INI, Cambridge
JUNE 2020
1–5 Mathematical Physics: Algebraic Cycles, Strings and Amplitudes, INI, Cambridge 
11–12 IMA Conference on Energy Efficient Computing, University of Bristol
24–26 7th IMA Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization, University of Birmingham

JULY 2020


European Congress of Mathematics, Portoroz

12–19 14th International Congress of Mathematical Education, Shanghai, China
14–16 IMA Modelling in Industrial Maintenance and Reliabiltiy Conference, University of Nottingham
27–7 Aug Integrable Probability Summer School, University of Oxford



IWOTA 2020, Lancaster University


9–11 2nd IMA Conference on the Mathematics of Robotics, Manchester Metropolitan University


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