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This calendar lists Society meetings and other mathematics events publicised in the LMS Newsletter.

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2 One Day Function Theory Meeting, De Morgan House, London
2 Applications of Mathematics in Ecology, University of Kent
4–6 2nd IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application, UCL
5–6 Recent Trends in Stochastic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, University of Chester
5–6 Water Waves- Mathematical Theory and Applications, University of Plymouth
5–7 British Logic Colloquium 2019, University of Oxford 


LMS Prospects in Mathematics Meeting, Lancaster University

8–11 Proof Society Summer School 2019, Swansea University
9–11 Curve Counting Theories and Related Algebraic Structures, University of Leeds
9–13 Graph Complexes in Algebraic Geometry and Topology, University of Manchester
9–13 The Complex Analysis Toolbox: New Techniques and Perspectives, INI, Cambridge
9–13 The Geometry of Derived Categories, University of Liverpool


LMS Midlands Regional Meeting, Nottingham

11–13 Proof Society Workshop 2019, Swansea University
11–13 Groups and Representation Theory, Conference in Memory of Kay Magaard, University of Warwick
12–13 Heilbronn Annual Conference, The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research
12–13 4th IMA Conference on Flood Risk, Swansea University
16 Random Matrices and Applications, University of Sussex
16 Words in Finite and Profinite Groups, University of Lincoln
16–18 British Topology Meeting, University of Warwick
17 Branching Processes and their Applications, University of Sussex
18 Randomness, Symmetry and Free Probability, University of Sussex
18 A Day of Lie Theory in Kent, University of Kent
18–19 Induction Course for New Lecturers in the Matheamtical Sciences 2019, INI, Cambridge
18–19 Philip Maini's 60th Birthday Workshop, Mathematical Institute, Oxford
18–20 Southampton-Bielefeld Geometric Group Theory Meeting, University of Southampton
18–21 Lattice Polytopes, with a view towards Geometry and Applications, ICMS, Edinburgh
19 LMS Popular Lectures, University of Birmingham
25–26 Novel Approaches to the Multi-Armed Bandit Problem, Imperial College London
25–27 Women in Geometry and Topology, Centre de Recerca Matematica 
29–4 Oct Clay Research Conference and Workshop, Mathematics Institute , Oxford
30–4 Oct Structure Preservation and General relativity, INI, Cambridge



Dirac operators in differential geometry and global analysis, Bedlewo, Poland

10 Dependence Modeling and its Applications in Insurance and Finance, Heriot-Watt University
11-12 Elsevier-JMAA Conference on Nonlinear Analysis, AGH-UST, Krakow
25 Sir Michael Atiyah: Forays into Physics, INI, Cambridge
26 Early Career Mathematicians' Autumn Conference 2019, University of Bristol
28-1 Nov Complex Analysis in Mathematical Physics and Applications, INI, Cambridge
31 Good Practice Scheme Workshop: Equality and Diversity, and REF, De Morgan House


4-8 Edge Days 2019: Fano Varieties, Cone Singularities and their Links, University of Edinburgh
6-8 Young Researchers in Algebraic Number Theory, University of Warwick
13 LMS Computer Science Symposium, De Morgan House, London

Modern Analysis & Applications – An International Meet (CMAA-2019), Lucknow, India

18-19 Category Theory and its Applications Postgraduate Conference, University of Leicester
19-22 Workshop on Topological Methods in Group Representation Theory, University of Leicester
21 LMS/BCS-FACS Evening Seminar 2019, De Morgan House, London
29 Graduate Student Meeting, Goodenough College, London
29 Society Meeting and AGM, Goodenough College, London


6 PDE Models for Cancer Invasion, Queens's University Belfast
9–10 Probabilistic Coupling and Geometry Workshop, University of Warwick
9–13 Computational Complex Analysis, INI, Cambridge
13 Integrability, Algebra and Geometry, University of Glasgow
16–18 17th IMA Conference on Cryptography and Coding


8–10 British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference 2020, University of Leeds


LMS SouthWest & South Wales Regional Meeting, University of Bristol

APRIL 2020

6–9 Joint BMC/BAMC Meeting, University of Glasgow

JULY 2020


European Congress of Mathematics, Portoroz

12–19 14th International Congress of Mathematical Education, Shanghai, China



IWOTA 2020, Lancaster University


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