International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and London Mathematical Society UK Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquia

This online colloquium series is held three times annually and features distinguished mathematical speakers from around the world. The talks are one hour in length and will be followed by a leisurely Q&A session. The goal is to encourage undergraduates in the mathematical sciences to consider engaging in research degrees in mathematics, by providing an overview of possible avenues of research from the point of view of leaders in the field.

Upcoming Undergraduate Mathematical Colloquia

On behalf of the London Mathematical Society and the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences we are pleased to invite you to attend the next ICMS - LMS UK Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquium.

Thursday 24 November 2022

Ulrike Tillmann (INI, Cambridge)

Title: To be announced.

Abstract: To be announced.

Further details including how to register will be available in due course here and on the ICMS website here.

Previous Undergraduate Mathematical Colloquia

Thursday 19 May 2022

Barry Mazur (Harvard)

Hilbert's Hotel and other encounters with infinity

Thursday 24 February 2022

Simon Donaldson (Imperial and Stony Brook)

Invitation to Geometric Analysis

Abstract: “Geometric Analysis”, in the sense of this talk, is a mixture of the analysis of partial differential equations and differential geometry. A geometric question, such as finding the shape of a soap film spanning a wire loop, is asking about the solution of a partial differential equation. Only very rarely can solutions be written down explicitly, but we can still hope to prove that solutions do (or do not) exist and, when they do, say something about them. The setting is frequently a global one, on a “manifold” with interesting topology. This is a large and highly active area in modern mathematical research and there are many connections to other fields such as topology, algebraic geometry and mathematical physics. In the talk we will sketch, with variable detail, a few of the famous results in this area.

These lectures were recorded and, pending approvals the recording, will be available on the ICMS website approx. two weeks after the event.