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Equality and Diversity Student Placement - 1 vacancy

The London Mathematical Society is pleased to offer a paid placement to work on a new outreach project, 'Success Stories in Mathematics'.  The main tasks will be:


1. Keeping a record of individuals who have submitted profile data and photographs, including a range of possible search criteria that may be relevant for the site.

2. Compiling and editing profiles based on the submitted information, and checking finalised versions with the profiled individuals.

3. Writing profiles of some historial mathematicians who demonstrate various aspects of diversity.

4. Soliciting further suggestions of mathematicians (in any career area) who would be good to profile, and contacting these mathematicians to request either that they submit a profile, or that they permit a profile to be written about them, subject to their approval.

5. Collaborate with the IT Consultant at the LMS to create the final resource.


Further information can be found in the Placement Description.

Application deadline: 5pm, Monday 17 July 2017

How to apply: please complete the application form (Word) and return to Katy Henderson (

For more information about the role please contact Katy Henderson (as above).




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