A new website for the London Mathematical Society

Following discussions of the Web Working Group and consultation with members via the ‘new website for the LMS’ blog, in June 2010 the Society issued a brief for redevelopment of the LMS website.

A number of companies submitted bids and in August 2010, Premier IT was selected to undertake the design and technical work.

The website upgrade is being split into two phases:

Phase 1

  • 1.1 New website with ‘flat’ content designed and launched
  • 1.2 Further functionality added to the site (i.e. full search facility, site map, LaTeX support)

Phase 2

Provision of further functionality including: member logins, secure payment facilities for subscriptions and online applications for grants.

Stage 1.1 launched in December 2010.

If you have any comments on the new site, please post them on the New website for the LMS blog http://lmswebsite.wordpress.com/.

LMS Web Working Group:

S.A.Huggett (Programme Secretary, Chair)
J. E. Barrow-Green (Librarian)
A.V. Borovik (Council member)
J. Greenlees (Vice President)
F. Nixon (Executive Secretary)
I. Robinson (Group Head (Society & Grants) and  webmaster)
R. Wilson (Council member) 

Also invited to meetings:

P. Cameron (LMS member), A. Drizen (PhD student at QMUL)