Suggested content of letter applying to become a Supporter


On behalf of the [department/school name] of the [university name] I wish to apply to become a Supporter of the Good Practice Scheme.

I confirm that the [department/school name] of the [university name] is committed to working towards addressing the under-representation of women in mathematics in higher education.

I confirm the department’s acceptance of the five principles of good practice:

  • A robust organisational framework to deliver equality of opportunity and reward.
  • Appointment, promotion and selection processes and procedures that encourage men and women to apply for academic posts at all levels.
  • Departmental structures and systems which enable men and women to progress and continue in their careers.
  • Departmental organisation, structure, management arrangements and culture that are open, inclusive and transparent and encourage the participation of all staff.
  • Flexible approaches and provisions that encompass the working day, the working year and a working life and enable individuals, at all career and life stages, to maximise their contribution to mathematics, their department and institution.

I understand that information about the status of the department as a Supporter will be publicised through the London Mathematical Society website and other promotional material. The department and university agree to adhere to the guidelines for use of the Supporter status and scheme logo.

The department has nominated (first name, last name, email address, telephone, fax, postal address) as its designated contact.


(Letters should be sent from the Head of the Department).