It All Adds Up: Celebrating Women Across the Mathematical Sciences

This year’s LMS 150th Anniversary Women in Mathematics Day – It All Adds Up 2015  – took place at the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute from 14 - 17 April. The first day was aimed at female school students in Years 9, 10 and 11, and the second day for Years 12 and 13 who are studying A-level Further Mathematics or an equivalent. The third and fourth days were aimed at university mathematicians and mathematical scientists at all stages of their careers (undergraduate to professor). Over 650 delegates attended in total.

An inspiring programme of talks, panel discussions and parallel sessions was on offer for each day of the event, which was set up to address barriers facing women in mathematics both in industry and academia. The list of plenary speakers included Vicky Neale, Hannah Fry, Julia Gog, Nina Snaith, Miranda Mowbray, Christl Donnelly, Nathalie Vriend and Kristin Lauter (abstracts are available here). Examples of the subjects addressed in the panel discussions included The gender gap in first class degrees, Careers: what can I do with a maths PhD?, Combining career and family, and PhDs from the perspectives of students and supervisors

It All Adds Up 2015 was co-organised by the London Mathematical Society’s Women in Mathematics Committee, which is committed to actively addressing the issues facing women in mathematics. It is concerned about the loss of women from mathematics, particularly at the higher levels of research and teaching, and at the disadvantages and missed opportunities that this represents for the advancement of mathematics.

For more information on the work the London Mathematical Society does to promote women in mathematics, please visit the Women in Mathematics page here.