LMS Society Meeting at the vICM 2022

University of Copenhagen.
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Karen Vogtmann (Warwick)

LMS Society Meeting at the virtual International Congress of Mathematics (vICM) 2022

The lecture is aimed at a general mathematical audience. All interested, whether LMS members or not, are most welcome to attend this event.

This meeting takes place as a satellite event to the virtual International Congress of Mathematicians 2022, which takes place from 6-14 July 2022

Programme (timings are in Central European Summer Time)

16.45 Opening of the meeting

17.00 Karen Vogtmann (Warwick)

Spaces of graphs

Abstract: Many phenomena in mathematics and science can be modeled by drawing finite metric graphs.  The set of all such models forms a geometric space, which may be enhanced by giving the graphs additional structure.  The topology of these spaces is still quite mysterious and is the focus of current activity in several different fields, including  geometric group theory, low-dimensional topology, perturbative quantum field theory, number theory and  tropical algebraic geometry.   In this talk I will describe spaces of graphs in general, then focus on their applications to geometric group theory and point to some recent developments in this field.    

18.00 Meeting closes.

18.15 LMS Reception


  • To attend in person, please complete the registration form by 15 June.
  • To attend online, please participate through the official virtual ICM

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