ICMS-LMS Undergraduate Series 2022-23: Opportunities and directions in modern mathematics Session 2

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Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College) "Will computers prove theorems?"

4.00pm Welcome

Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College)

Title: Will computers prove theorems?

Abstract: Today we have ChatGPT. In ten years' time will we have a machine where you can type in the statement of the Riemann Hypothesis, press a button, and out pops a correct proof? My guess is no. However in ten years' time will we have machines which can give humans mathematical ideas? Will we have interactive mathematics papers where you can choose the level of detail you want to see in a proof? Will we have machines which understand the state of the art in mathematics? Will mathematicians be being helped by computers in new ways? My guess is that these things are not out of the question. I'll talk about recent developments in AI and in theorem proving software which make me cautiously optimistic.

Please note that only the lecture will be recorded.  The Q&A session and Roundtable discussion will not be recorded.

5.00pm: Q&A and Roundtable Discussion

6.00pm: Thanks and Close.

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This online series is held three times annually (November, February/March and May) and features distinguished mathematical speakers from around the world. The talks are one hour in length, followed by a leisurely Q&A session about the talk and then a Roundtable discussion about the future directions in mathematics and what opportunities are available to prospective PhD students.

The goal is to encourage undergraduates in the mathematical sciences to consider engaging in research degrees in mathematics by:

  • providing an overview of possible avenues of research from the point of view of leaders in the field,
  • discussing how undergraduates can take the next steps towards applying for a postgraduate degree,
  • offering insights to the applications and funding processes,
  • hearing from current Masters and/or PhD students,
  • answering questions from undergraduates who are considering applying for a postgraduate degree after they have completed their current studies.

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