Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2022

Online, hosted by ICMS
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Meeting Date
Sophie Dabo-Niang, Toluope Fadina, Tosin Babasola, John Urschel, Aris Winger, Nandi Leslie, Ejay Nsugbe, Franck Kalala Mutombo

Organising Committee: Nira Chamberlain (IMA), Frank Neumann (LMS), Troy Astarte (BSHM), Snezana Lawrence (BSHM and IMA), Liam Holligan (ICMS), Christie Marr (INI), Angela Tabiri (AIMS Ghana), Katherine Wright (LMS), Dawn Wasley (ICMS), Chris Pritchard (MA)

The British Society for the History of Mathematicsthe International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applicationsthe Isaac Newton Institute, the London Mathematical Society, and the Mathematical Association are holding a two day conference on Black Heroes of Mathematics.

The Vision of the conference is 'To celebrate the inspirational contributions of black role models to the field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education'. There will be a balance of technical talks by internationally renowned black speakers that include some detail of career paths and experience to provide a testimonial dimension. We plan to achieve a balance of career stage and gender.

Programme (All timings are British Summer Time) 

4th October 2022

Day 1, Session 1

  • 13:00 Welcome –Nira Chamberlain  
  • 13:10. Sophie Dabo-Niang
  • 13:50. Tosin Babasola Role of mathematics in understanding the growth of cocoa crops?
  • 14:50. Tolulope Fadina How inclusive is the maths curriculum?
  • 15:30. John Urschel  Matrix Analysis in Action
  • 16:20 Close of Day 1, Session 1

Day 1, Session 2 

  • 18:00 Panel Discussion 
  • 19:30 Close of Day 1, Session 2  

5th October 2022

Day 2, Session 1 

There will be a short break between each talk.

  • 10:00 Welcome –Nira Chamberlain 
  • 10:10. Aris Winger The Need for Black Role Models and Representation in Mathematics
  • 10:50 Ejay Nsugbe On Prediction Machines & Clinical Medicine: Case Studies from a Black Cyberneticist and Mathematician
  • 11:30 Speaker to be announced.
  • 12:10 Close of Day 1, Session 1

Day 2, Session 2

  • 13:00 Franck Kalala Mutombo High-order numerical schemes for semi-linear advection reaction equations based on discontinuous Galerkin method and Rosenbrock-type methods
  • 13:50 Break
  • 14:00 Panel discussion
  • 15:30 Close of Day 2, Session 2

Further information, including how to register is available here.