Proposals for future Invited Lecturers

The call for proposals are for the 2019 Invited Lecturer are now open. The deadline for nominations is Friday 2 February 2018. 

Members are invited to suggest a topic and Lecturer for the meeting, which they should be prepared to organise at their own institution or a suitable conference centre.

The format of annual Invited Lectures series is:

  • meetings at which a single speaker gives a course of about ten expository lectures, examining some subject in depth;
  • held over a five day period (Monday to Friday) during a University vacation;
  • the meetings are residential and open to all interested. It is intended that the texts of the lectures given in the series shall be published.
  • In addition to full expenses, the lecturer is offered a fee for giving the course.
  •  A grant is given to the host department to support attendance at the lectures. 

Notes and Guidance for Potential Organisers

List of previous Invited Lecturers

Enquiries about the Invited Lectures should be directed to the Programme Secretary


Proposals for the 2020 Invited Lecturer will open later in 2018.