LMS/BCS-FACS Seminar 2024

Online via Zoom
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Lawrence C. Paulson FRS (University of Cambridge)

LMS/BCS-FACS Seminar 2024

In association with the British Computer Society Formal Aspects of Computing Science (BCS-FACS), the LMS hosts an annual online seminar on aspects of the computer science–mathematics interface. These events are free to anyone who wishes to attend and have attracted high-quality speakers

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Programme (all times in GMT)

The event will start promptly at 16:00.

The confirmed speaker is:

Lawrence C. Paulson FRS (University of Cambridge) - Formalising 21st-Century Mathematics


The formalisation of mathematics is an ongoing process that arguably started as early as the 19th century, intensified with the foundational crisis at the start of the 20th century, and since the 1970s has been conducted with the help of computers. Recent decades have seen the machine formalisation of lengthy and technically complicated proofs, but some have argued that even these were not representative of modern mathematics. Recent achievements by a number of different groups are starting to challenge this scepticism. The speaker will outline some of these, while also noting some of the remaining trouble spots.

Chairing/facilitating the seminar is:

Andrei Popescu (University of Sheffield)


This event is online only and will be streamed via Zoom.

Closed captions will be enabled on Zoom, and we will endeavour to upload this to our LMS YouTube channel as soon as possible after the event.

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