LMS Mathematics Communication Workshops

Online, via Zoom
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Katie Steckles and Ben Sparks

*Update 17/3/21: registration for this event is now full.*

Beginners sessions: 21st April and 5th May, 1:30pm – 4pm
Advanced sessions: 22nd April and 6th May, 1:30pm – 4pm

The LMS will be running two online workshops on mathematics communication, each of which will take place across two half-days in April and May. Mathematicians and maths communicators Ben Sparks and Katie Steckles will lead these interactive training sessions, covering the skills and techniques required to communicate maths effectively. They will also share their expertise in delivering interactive and engaging sessions in an online format.

The beginners sessions will focus on what is needed to get started in communicating maths to different audiences, and the advanced sessions will look at how to build on and improve your existing skills.

The workshops are limited to 20 people each and are open to anyone who participates in, or wants to participate in, public engagement and communication activities in maths. You’ll have the chance to hear and share advice, discuss the principles behind good engagement, and develop and deliver your own interactive online demonstration.

The beginners workshop is suitable for those with little or no experience in mathematics communication. The advanced workshop is for those with some experience and looking to take their activities to a new level. It is not possible to attend both as places are limited.

Click here to register for the beginners’ workshop: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FFJ863Q
Click here to register for the advanced workshop: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FZ52XRP