LMS Prospects in Mathematics Meeting

The Prospects in Mathematics Meeting Series ran from 2005 - 2021 and has been succeeded by the ICMS-LMS Undergraduate Series: Opportunities and directions in modern mathematics

LMS Prospects in Mathematics Meetings were annual events for Finalist Mathematics Undergraduates and Masters Students who were considering applying for a PhD after they had completed their current studies.  The meetings featured speakers from a wide range of mathematical fields across the UK who discussed their current research and what opportunities would be available to prospective PhD students.   LMS Prospects in Mathematics Meetings were two-day meetings which usually took place in September each year.
For further information, please contact ecr.grants@lms.ac.uk

Previous Prospects in Mathematics Meetings

Year Location
2021 Organised by UEA and hosted online by ICMS
2020  Bath (online)
2019  Lancaster
2018  Warwick
2017  Reading
 2016   York
 2015  Loughborough
 2014  Oxford
 2013  Durham
 2012  Manchester
 2011  Bristol
 2010  Edinburgh
 2009  Durham
 2006  Durham
 2005  Durham