Spitalfields History of Mathematics Meetings


Spitalfields History of Mathematics Meetings are one day events of Survey Lectures for a general mathematical audience, which may be attached to either meetings or symposia on specialist topics.

The events were formerly named Spitalfields Days and these meetings are in honour of the Spitalfields Mathematical Society, a precursor of the London Mathematical Society, which flourished from 1717 to 1845. 

The Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, the Mathematics Research Centre in Warwick, the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh, and, from time to time, other Mathematics Departments, hold meetings or symposia on specialist topics, which are attended by eminent mathematicians from overseas. The Society thinks that it is important for recent developments in these specialist topics to be made known to the general mathematical community, and, in particular, to research students. It therefore provides funds to the organisers of these meetings so that they can provide a day of survey lectures, accessible to a general mathematical audience.


Applications for funding

The Society offers funding of up to £1000 for organisers to run a Spitalfields History of Mathematics Meeting.

If you are interested in organising a Spitalfields History of Mathematics Meeting, please contact John Johnston. Requests should be submitted by email and will be considered by Society, Lectures and Meetings Committee.  Details should be provided on:

  • proposed speakers
  • date and budget
  • location

Applications should be made well in advance of the proposed event and the maximum award available is normally £1000.

Forthcoming Spitalfields History of Mathematics Meetings

14 May 2021
 Online, hosted by the ICMS

 Tony Rawlins (Brunel)

 Norman Biggs (LSE)

 Sloan Despeaux (Western Carolina University)


Previous Spitalfields Days

29 May 2015
Pekka Lahti (Turku, Finland)
Quantum Incompatibility
Reinhard Werner (Hannover, Germany)
Measurement Uncertainty Relations
Madalin Guta (Nottingham)
Spectral Thresholding Quantum Tomography for Low Rank States
Paul Busch (York)
Quantum Measurement Uncertainty – A Simple Demonstration
 23 July 2014 
 INI, Cambridge
Professor Mark Groves (Loughborough, Saarland)
Professor Guido Schneider (Stuttgart)
Professor Steve Shkoller (Oxford)
Dr Eugene Varvaruca (Reading)
9 January 2012
INI, Cambridge
Dr George Barmpalias
Professor Anuj Dawar
Professor Nigel Smart
Professor Hugh Woodin
5 May 2011
INI, Cambridge
Max Lieblich
Alina Marian
Yukinobu Toda
Anna Wienhard
17 September 2010
Geometry & Algebra
Sir Michael Atiyah
Friedrich Hirzebruch
17 May 2010
Noncommutative Geometry and Physics
Terry Gannon
Nigel Higson
30 October 2009
INI, Cambridge
Tobias Berger
Fred Diamond
Kevin Buzzard
Jayanta Manoharmayum
13 May 2009
INI Cambridge
Automorphic Forms and the Langlands Programme
John Coates
Kevin Buzzard
Michael Rapoport
Gerard Laumon

Information on earlier events is available on request.