LMS-Bath Symposium on Categorical and Geometric Representation Theory

University of Bath
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Organisers: Chris Bowman (York), Iain Gordon (Edinburgh), Radha Kessar (City) and Lewis Topley (Bath).

The past ten years have been some of the most exciting and fruitful years in the history of representation theory. One of the overarching themes in this story is the search for richer structures which secretly underpin the classical problems in the field- these might manifest themselves as algebraic or geometric structures, or even diagrammatic categories. These richer structures provide us with new intuition and new lines of attack on long-standing open problems.

  • Summer school (1-4 August 2023): A three-day intensive summer school, covering both general and specialised topics in geometric and algebraic categorification at a level appropriate for early-career researchers. In order to ensure the success of the summer school, our daily structure will consist of four 1-hour lectures, followed by problem-class and research incubator sessions.
  • Main symposium/workshop (7-11 August 2023): The workshop schedule will be a mixture of survey and in-depth research talks.