LMS-INI-Bath Symposium on K-Theory and Representation Theory

University of Bath
Start date
Meeting Date
A. Afgoustidis (Metz) A-M Aubert (Paris) P. Hochs (Nijmegen) B. Mesland (Leiden) S. Nishikawa (Muenster) H. Schlichtkrull (Copenhagen) S. Shen (Paris) M. Solleveld (Nijmegen) S. Stevens (UEA) M. Vergne (Paris) H. Wang (Shanghai) N. Wright (Southampton)

Event Overview

This is a synergistic intra-disciplinary symposium that will focus on new and developing links between operator K-theory and representation theory.

Speaker List

  • Alexandre Afgoustidis (Metz)
  • Anne-Marie Aubert (Paris)
  • Peter Hochs (Nijmegen)
  • Bram Mesland (Leiden)
  • Shintaro Nishikawa (Muenster)
  • Henrik Schlichtkrull (Copenhagen)
  • Shu Shen (Paris)
  • Maarten Solleveld (Nijmegen)
  • Shaun Stevens (East Anglia)
  • Michele Vergne (Paris)
  • Hang Wang (Shanghai)
  • Nick Wright (Southampton)

Organising Committee

  • Nigel Higson (Penn State)
  • Roger Plymen (Manchester)
  • Haluk Sengun (Sheffield)

Further details available here.