Hannah Fry awarded 2018 Zeeman Medal

We are delighted to announce that the Councils of the IMA and LMS have awarded the Christopher Zeeman Medal in 2018 to Dr Hannah Fry of University College London, for her contributions to the public understanding of the mathematical sciences.

Hannah Fry is a Senior Lecturer in the mathematics of cities at UCL and an honorary lecturer in the UCL Mathematics Department. She is actively involved in mathematical modelling of urban and social systems. Besides her mathematical research, she has a sustained and distinguished record of communicating mathematics to the public, with a huge portfolio of public engagement activities including books, videos, radio, TV, and public talks, which between them reach vast audiences.

Hannah Fry’s dedication in promoting mathematics to the widest possible public has not only done untold good for the subject, but has provided a powerful role model for mathematicians, most especially female ones, making mathematics feel more relevant, more humorous and most of all more human. Her spectacular success in an otherwise notoriously difficult endeavour may be ascribed to a unique and enviable set of characteristics.

A full citation can be found here. Further information on the Zeeman Medal can be found here.

The medal will be awarded at a ceremony to take place in spring 2019 (date to be confirmed), where Dr Fry will also give a lecture.