Free Wiley author workshop: Get Your Paper Published

Thursday 5 January 6:00pm - 7:00pm

International Ballroom North, The Hyatt

Held as part of the Joint Mathematics Meeting, Atlanta, GA, USA, 4-7 January 2017


If you’re attending the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Atlanta, GA, USA, in January 2017 and thinking of publishing a paper, this workshop is for you.


  • Shandelle M. Henson
    Professor of Mathematics, Andrews University, USA
    Incoming Editor-in-Chief, Natural Resource Modeling
  • Alan Haynes
    Associate Professor at the University of Houston, USA
    Editorial Board, London Mathematical Society
  • Frederi G. Viens
    Chairperson, Michigan State University, USA
    Co-Editor-in-Chief, High Frequency
  • Stephen Raywood
    Journals' Editor, Wiley
  • Mark Spencer
    Executive Editor, Wiley

About the workshop: This free workshop is for all furture journal authors interested in learning how to publish their next paper. Editors of established journals will give a short presentation about their jouranls and an overview of best practice for submitting and reviewing papers. The workshop will include a Q&A session from the editors and publisher of Wiley journals.

Visit the Wiley booth (#226) during the Joint Mathematical Meeting to register for the Author Workshop.