2014 LMS Prize Winners

The winners of the LMS Prizes for 2014 were announced at the Society meeting on 4th July.  The Society extends its congratulations to these winners, and its thanks to all the nominators, referees and members of the Prizes Committee for their contributions to the Committee’s work this year.


PROFESSOR MILES REID, FRS, of the UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK, is awarded a POLYA PRIZE for his exceptionally creative work on higher dimensional algebraic geometry; in particular, on canonical singularities, the MacKay correspondence, the explicit study of 3-dimensional flips, the structure of Gorenstein rings, and for his inspired expositions.


PROFESSOR MARTIN HAIRER, FRS, of the UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK, is awarded a FROHLICH PRIZE for his work on the interface between probability theory and partial differential equations; a body of work that is widely recognised as revolutionizing an entire field of research.


PROFESSOR CAROLINE SERIES, of the UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK, is awarded a SENIOR ANNE BENNETT PRIZE in recognition of her leading contributions to hyperbolic geometry and symbolic dynamics, and of the major impact of her numerous initiatives towards the advancement of women in mathematics.


PROFESSOR DANIEL FREED, PROFESSOR MICHAEL HOPKINS AND PROFESSOR CONSTANTIN TELEMAN are awarded a SENIOR BERWICK PRIZE in recognition of their paper “Loop groups and twisted K-theory”, Journal of Topology, 4 (2011), 737-799.  The paper sets out the foundations of twisted equivariant K-theory, and prepares the ground for the proof that the twisted equivariant K-theory of a compact Lie group is isomorphic to the Verlinde algebra of its loop group.


PROFESSOR CLÉMENT MOUHOT, of the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for fundamental mathematical contributions to the foundations of statistical mechanics and the Boltzmann equation.


PROFESSOR RUTH BAKER, of the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for her outstanding contributions to the field of Mathematical Biology.


DR TOM COATES of IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON is awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for his influential work in Gromov-Witten theory: the quantum Lefschetz theorem, the crepant resolution conjecture, the quantum cohomology of stacks, the higher genus theory of Calabi-Yau manifolds, and the Fanosearch program. 


PROFESSOR DANIELA KÜHN and PROFESSOR DERYK OSTHUS, of the UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, are jointly awarded a WHITEHEAD PRIZE for their many results in extremal graph theory and related areas. Several of their papers resolve long-standing open problems in the area.