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Derek Holt (University of Warwick)
Elizabeth Mansfield (University of Kent)
Rick Thomas (University of Leicester)

List of Editorial Advisers


The LMS JCM is closed to new submissions.

Aims and Scope

The LMS JCM  publishes internationally-leading papers addressing topics in computational pure and applied mathematics, including papers at the interface of Mathematics and Computer Science. The Board of Editorial Advisers represents the full range of subjects and has a particularly large presence in Theoretical Computer Science.

The Proceedings of the Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium XI  (GyeongJu, Korea, 2014)  were published by the LMS JCM  in August 2014.

Journal information

The LMS JCM  is a free online journal. For a summary of publishing rights and archiving policies, please see this fact sheet. The LMS JCM  is indexed/abstracted by the Web of Science, Science Citation Index Expanded, Zentralblatt MATH and MathSciNet.

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Further details

The LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics was founded in 1998. It is published as one volume each year, and articles are assigned consecutive page numbers within the volume in the order that the papers appear online. The journal is owned by the London Mathematical Society and is web-hosted on our behalf by Cambridge University Press.

The journal was closed to new submissions in October 2015.

If you have further enquiries about the journal, please contact Dr Ola Törnkvist, the LMS Editorial Manager, at ola.tornkvist@lms.ac.uk.