Publications People


Publications Secretary

N MacKay (2021–) 
  LMS Publications Committee

LMS Staff

Head of Academic Publications S Buckmaster
Publications Assistant A Agathopoulou

Editorial Boards

Managing Editors: J Brundan, S Sheffield (2023–2028)

Editors: S Chatterjee, M ChudnovskyD Isaksen, V Marković, J McKernan, J Newton, H Oh, M del Pino, D Schindler, M Visan, D T Wise, M Yakimov

Managing Editor: C Series, S White (2023–2028)
Managing Editors: A Lazarev, S Schroll (2019–2024)
Obituaries Editor: H. Dugald Macpherson (2022–)
Advisory Panel for Obituaries
Managing Editor: J L Rodrigo
Managing Editor: J Greenlees (2023–2028)
Editors:  A Blumberg, J Brock, C Druţu Badea, J  Greenlees, M Gross, Y Lekili, K Mann, A Mathew, O Randal-Williams,  J Rasmussen, A Reid, C Teleman, K Wickelgren
Managing Editors: F. Andreatta, D. Holmes, B. Klingler and E. Vasserot
Managing Editors: V. Beresnevich, W. Chen and A. Sobolev
Moduli Managing Editors:  J Ellegaard Andersen, S Bradlow, D Halpern-Leistner, V Hoskins, F Kirwan, M Melo, A Wienhard
Editors: K M Khanin (LMS, 2020–2024), T J Kaper (IoP, 2018–2026)
Editor: E Süli (2018–2025)
Associate Editors: T Austin (2024–2028), D R Heath-Brown (2009–2026), C M Roney-Dougal (2018–2027), U L Tillmann (2018–2027)
Editor: Ian Leary (2017–2026)
Associate Editors: T C Burness, K M Buzzard, C Goldschmidt, J-F R Lafont (2018–2027), J R Parker (2019–2028), S A White (2023–2027)
Editor-in-Chief: Alina Vdovina
Administrative Editor: S M Oakes
Translation edited by the London Mathematical Society in collaboration with the American Mathematical Society
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