Publications Committee

The principal role of Publications Committee is to oversee and monitor the Society’s position in mathematical publishing and to provide advice to Council, Finance and General Purposes Committee, Personnel Committee and the Publications Secretary on all matters to do with publishing.  In particular Publications Committee is concerned with the current LMS publications, joint publications and book series; additions to the publications portfolio; new forms of publication relevant to the society’s objectives; legal matters arising from the LMS portfolio of publications.

Terms of Reference

  1. To monitor the performance of the LMS publications portfolio in terms of both academic standing and financial out-turn;
  2. Delegated responsibility for the pricing and budgeting of the LMS publications portfolio; the final budgets must be approved by Finance and General Purposes Committee as with the rest of the Society finances;
  3. Scrutiny of contracts for journals and book series;
  4. Relations with partners;
  5. New ventures, including both the establishment of new publications and new partnerships and technical developments required to support the publications activities of the LMS;
  6. Delegated responsibility for the appointment of editors and members of advisory boards.  All such appointments must be reported to Council;
  7. Providing advice on the implications of the publications portfolio for personnel and the functions of publications staff (without intruding on the domain of Personnel Committee).

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Dates of Meetings
The committee meets two or three times a year.

Not at the present time.

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