Publications Committee

The principal role of Publications Committee is to oversee and monitor the Society’s position in mathematical publishing and to provide advice to Council on all matters to do with publishing. 

Terms of Reference

The Publications Committee shall provide advice to Council on scholarly publications by:

  1. proposing developments to the Society’s policies relating to publishing,
  2. proposing strategic changes to the Publications portfolio, including the launch or closure of publications and formation or dissolution of partnerships,
  3. making recommendations on the level of resource necessary to support the Publications operation, including staffing,
  4. providing guidance on legal matters arising from the LMS portfolio of publications,
  5. agreeing and recommending to Council new contracts relating to the publications portfolio, following appropriate scrutiny,
  6. agreeing and recommending to Council substantive contract amendments with major financial or reputational implications for the Society. All other amendments will be approved by Publications Committee,
  7. monitoring the scholarly publications landscape and identifying changes which may impact the delivery of publications activities or income to the Society.

Publications Secretary - Niall MacKay (University of York)

Council members - Elaine Crooks (Swansea University), Catherine Hobbs (University of Bristol), Christopher Parker (University of Birmingham), Simon Salamon (Kings College London)

Editors - Andrey Lazarev (Lancaster University), Stuart White (University of Oxford)

External experts - Michael Brown (Michael Brown Consulting), Niamh O' Connor (PLOS)

Members at large - Heather A Harrington (University of Oxford), Benedikt Löwe (University of Cambridge), Oscar Randal-Williams (University of Cambridge)

Simon Buckmaster (Head of Academic Publications, London Mathematical Society)

Dates of Meetings
The Committee meets two or three times a year, usually in May and November. 

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