LMS Annual General Meeting and Presidential Address 2023 (online attendance)

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Programme (All times GMT)

15.00               LMS Annual General Meeting

15.30               Supporting Lecture

Professor Oscar Randal-Williams (Cambridge)

Symmetries of manifolds

Abstract: Whenever one studies a mathematical object one ought also to study its symmetries. Manifolds---spaces which look locally like ordinary Euclidean space but which can be globally complicated---are the central objects of study in topology and geometry, and their groups of symmetries come in many flavours (isometries, diffeomorphisms, homeomorphisms, ...). I will discuss some classical results about rigid symmetries, and then some recent results about the spaces of all symmetries of certain manifolds.

16.30               Tea/Coffee Break

16.55               Announcement of LMS Election Results

17.00               Presidential Address

Professor Ulrike Tillmann FRS (INI-Cambridge)

Utilising Shape in Data.

Abstract:  Modern science and technology generates data at an unprecedented rate. A major challenge is that this data is often complex, high dimensional, and may include temporal or spatial information. The "shape" of the data can be important but it is difficult to extract and quantify. The field of topological data analysis is still quite young. We will give an introduction, present some applications, and discuss theoretical challenges. Beyond basic linear algebra, little previous knowledge will be assumed.

18.00               Close of Meeting

The Annual General Meeting and Presidential Address will be followed by a Reception and the LMS Annual Dinner

18.00               LMS Reception

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November 17th, 2023 from  3:00 PM to  6:30 PM
Online, via Zoom (hosted by the LMS)
United Kingdom