How the Society supports mathematics

Enabling Mathematicians to undertake research and collaboration

The LMS gives grants totalling in excess of £680,000 per year to support many mathematical activities. These include grants for conferences, research networks, collaborations (including research in pairs), cooperation with developing countries, support for undergraduate, postgraduate and early career researchers, women in mathematics, and caring grants. We also fund lectures to celebrate new appointments. The greater part our income which funds these activities currently comes from publications, but as open access publishing develops this  is likely significantly to diminish, making it crucially important that we look for other sources of funding.

Advancing mathematics research

We support the Isaac Newton Institute and the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), besides awarding grants for other mathematics organisations, meetings and events, and international engagement.

Disseminating mathematical knowledge and research

This includes the publication of mathematical books and journals, Society lectures, meetings and regional workshops. All surplus income from the LMS  publishing programme is used to support mathematicians, the mathematical community and mathematics research.

Representing and promoting mathematical research to government, national policymakers and funders.

As well as supporting mathematical research directly, the LMS seeks to highlight the importance of mathematics in all its aspects, from elementary schooling to advanced research, to governments, parliaments, and other national and international bodies. Often we have to respond quickly to consultation requests for comments from government bodies. Maintaining our resources to allows us to make cogent and well-substantiated arguments that reflect the views of the LMS membership and the wider mathematical community.