De Morgan Donations

A De Morgan Donation is a Donation to the Society of £1865 or more.

The LMS is immensely grateful to anyone who is able to make a donation at this level, which will enable us to go forward with our activities with renewed confidence. For UK tax payers, gift aid will substantially increase the value of your donation  to over £2300. 

The LMS was founded in 1865 by Augustus De Morgan, Professor of Mathematics at University College London making it one of the oldest mathematical societies in the world. The Society is now of course the primary learned Society for Mathematics in the UK.

In the past the Society has benefitted from donations from many individuals. Three in  particular stand out: £1000 from Lord Rayleigh in 1874, which supported the printing of the Proceedings and rescued the Society from collapse; the bequest of £50,000 by G. H. Hardy in 1963 which was completely transformative for the Society; and a bequest in excess of £55,000 in 1997 from Verbrlunsky which paid inter alia for the furnishing of the Verblunsky members room.

In recognition of their support of the Society, De Morgan Donors will from time to time receive invitations to lectures and other special events. Unless we are informed to the contrary, their names will be listed in the Annual Report.

Should you prefer, donations can by made either by cheque payable to the London Mathematical Society, or by direct bank transfer. Should you wish to use this latter method, or to otherwise discuss your donation, you are invited to contact the President ( or the Executive Secretary, Caroline Wallace (, 020 7291 9979).

A gift aid form may be found on the main donations page.