LMS Annual General Meeting and Presidential Address

Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1N 2AB
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Meeting Date
Jonathan Keating (Oxford), Jens Marklof (Bristol)


15.00               LMS Annual General Meeting 

15.30               Supporting Lecture

Random Lattices
Professor Jens Marklof (Bristol)

Abstract: Since the fundamental contribution of Minkowski, Siegel, Rogers, Schmidt and others, averages over the space of lattices have become an indispensable tool in number theory. A key breakthrough was the arrival of techniques from ergodic theory in the 1980s and 1990s, which led to the solution of numerous classic problems, including Margulis' proof of the Oppenheim conjecture and Ratner's celebrated measure-classification theorems. This lecture will explain that there is value in thinking of lattices not just 'on average' but as intrinsically random objects - point processes - and survey some recent applications ranging from pure mathematics to statistical physics.

16.30               Tea/Coffee Break

16.55               Announcement of LMS Election Results

17.00               Presidential Address

Random Matrices and the Riemann Zeta-Function
Professor Jonathan Keating (Oxford)

I will speak about yet another example of the wonderful interplay between Mathematics and Physics. In this, the theory of complex quantum systems, in particular random matrix theory, turns out to provide a remarkably accurate description of certain statistical properties of the Riemann zeta-function and the distribution of the primes.  I will discuss the history of this unexpected relationship, and some recent developments relating to it.

18.00               Close of Meeting

The Annual General Meeting and Presidential Address will be followed by a Reception and the LMS Annual Dinner

18.00               LMS Reception

19.30               LMS Annual Dinner

LMS Members are welcome to attend the LMS Annual Dinner. The cost of the dinner will be £60.00, including drinks. 

To reserve a place at the dinner, please contact Clare Ralphs at AnnualDinner_RSVP@lms.ac.uk by Friday 29th October.

For further details about the AGM, contact John Johnston at lmsmeetings@lms.ac.uk 

This event will be held in accordance with government Covid guidelines and may be subject to change or cancellation at short notice.