LMS Professional Development Series for Early Career Researchers; Session 4: Building your research community

Zoom, hosted by the Society.
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Diane Maclagan (Warwick; Chair), Ana Lecuona (Glasgow), Rachel Newton (KCL) and Chris Parker (Birmingham)

LMS Early Career Researcher Professional Development sessions are free online panel discussions, which are aimed at Early Career Researchers and run by the LMS Early Career Research Committee. Each session focuses on a particular element of career development for Early Career Researchers.

Building your research community

Panellists: Diane Maclagan (Warwick; Chair), Ana Lecuona (Glasgow), Rachel Newton (KCL) and Chris Parker (Birmingham)

This panel will discuss how to find and build your research community, including how to find collaborators, and will offer the opportunity to ask more detailed questions.  The target audience is later year PhD students and early postdocs.

Registration: To attend the Continuing Professional Development sessions in 2022/23, please register once here to receive the Zoom links to all sessions. The Zoom link will be circulated the day before each session so if this is your first time registering, please register by 10.00am on Friday 3 March.

Details of past and subsequent sessions can be found here.